Sorry for the cliff hanger. If you don’t follow me on Facebook or instagram, you haven’t gotten the updates that we are alive, in Kodiak, and loving it. 

We are currently living in a hotel room, and neither of the children are sleeping well, so I’m a little bit of a zombie. 

So, let’s see….last update was Watson Lake, Yukon…..

We spent two nights in Whitehorse, YK. We stayed at Hi Countey RV Park. It was still close quarters, but at an angle which provided a little more privacy. Whitehorse was a cool town. We had some good food, found a good brewery, went on some fun walks, and even hit up the hot springs North of town! And I found a bluebonnet!! 

We went from Whitehorse to Tok, AK. Hello America. We stayed at Tok RV Village, but Joe has that picture and I forgot to get it from him! Sweet, sweet people there. 

From Tok we cut over to Anchorage and spent a couple days there. Go to the zoo. It’s so cool. All the animals you never see at other zoos are all there. It’s not huge, but it’s super fun! We also went and bought waders for fly fishing, so we are excited to do that soon! 

We stayed at Creekwood Inn, which is barely more than a parking lot, but the people there were so, so sweet. And their facilities were incredibly clean. 

We drove down to Homer on the 2nd. Our ferry was scheduled for midnight with a 10pm check in. We washed the camper, had dinner, cruised around the Spit, then hung out in our camper and got the kiddos in jammies. We checked in, lined up, and finally got on board! We left a little late, but had a good sized room aboard the Kennicot. 

We are loving Kodiak. Joe is already back at work, I’ve basically been living at the Delahunty’s house, hanging out with Elizabeth, and we were able to do a walk through of our rental house and we are even more excited than we were before about it! 

Now if I can just talk everyone I know into moving up here, that would be perfect. Here’s my view every morning for breakfast at our hotel. 


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