Today I figured I would catch up before we hopefully move forward! We’ve spent 4 nights in Alberta’s Children’s Hospital here in Calgary, Canada. My 9 month old’s cold/virus turned into pneumonia. She had a couple rough days, but is doing so much better. Hoping for a discharge today!

**on a side note, this has been an incredible hospital. Like, super incredible. 

Our last stay in the US was in Great Falls, Montana. We stayed at Dick’s RV park and it was just okay. Joe was able to fill up our propane tanks and we hit up a cool brewery downtown. It rained most of the day. That’s my excuse for not taking a picture. 

But here’s one of us at the gas station at the border!

For the record, Jackson does love Canada.

We stayed in Lethbridge, Alberta which smells like cows. Not the RV park, but like the whole city.  Bridgeview RV Resort – nice place, no free wifi. 

Onto Calgary! We stayed at Mountain View RV Park. Which had a bazillion bugs, and was also just an okay place. 

I didn’t realize it was on the opposite side of the city when I made the reservation, so Joe ended up moving to a new place when Taylor got admitted to the hospital after our ER visit. I’m hoping he got a pic, so I’ll update that later. 

Our plans have changed a little bit. I think we are going to have to skip Banff and Jasper, which we were really looking forward to. But we should be back on track tomorrow. 

Excited to be moving forward and so, so thankful for the incredible medical staff here in Calgary! 

P.S. Jackson likes having cable and free ice to crunch on. (And sitting in Tay Tay’s cool bed)


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