Talk about wide open spaces. Goodness. 

I left off when we were headed to by brother’s house in The Woodlands, TX. We stayed in their house and had an incredible visit. Joe did a great job backing the camper  into their driveway!

From The Woodlands we headed over to the Austin area to visit with Joe’s sisters. We had such a fun time having dinner, wine, and cigars while the cousins ran themselves ragged. It was just so fun! Joe’s sister and her hubby are currently building a house, so they are living in a camper outside their barn on their land. So it was so fun to pull up in our camper and have the nieces jump up and down because we were moving our house by their house!

The next morning, Joe’s other sister came by to hug some necks, so we were very blessed to get to see all of them! 

We drove to Joe’s parents, picked up his dad and brother, and then drove into Del Rio, TX for a weekend fishing trip! My parents met us, so Dad could take us out on his boat while Mom watched the kiddos. Super fun, super exhausting. 

We stayed at Broke Mill RV park, but I didn’t take a pic of the site!! It was small, but definitely nicer than anything close by.  They even had peach trees with lots of peaches in season!

We spent the rest of the week in Texas with family and headed North on Friday. We stayed with a sweet college friend of mine in Earth, TX. It was so much fun to relax and let our kiddos play – something we’ve always been sad about since I moved away.  And yes, you can really see for miles and miles in West Texas. 

We spent our next night at the Puebla KOA in Colorado. It was a nice site. I’d definitely recommend it. I ran into town and stocked up on some groceries. I made it back for sunset!

The next day we made it up to Casper, WY and stayed at Rivers Edge RV Park and it’s been my favorite place so far. Incredible playground and lots of toys for Jackson to play with. Gorgeous river behind and we walked down and tried our hand at casting our fly rods (I’m not even a little bit good, I won’t lie) Happy Mothers Day!

Last night we spent the night at the KOA in Billings, MT. It was also gorgeous. I’m between moving our laundry, we hiked down to the river behind the campground. We found a beautiful river and worked on our casting again. Shiner went swimming. 

Tonight will be our last night in the US and we will cross over the border into Canada tomorrow!! 


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