2 nights ago, I wrote up this witty post. Super cute pictures, funny stories, a very thorough account of our adventures. And then I tried to link it to Facebook….and it deleted the post. 

Lesson learned. Save everything first. 

So, I apologize. This won’t be as thorough. I just want it down though!

We got up from a wonderful first night spent 10 minutes from our home. And when I say wonderful, I mean I tossed and turned all night wondering if the AC unit was too loud for me to hear when the kids woke up in the middle of the night. And when they did, I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning in disbelief that I could have ever thought that. 

It’s a travel trailer, Lauren. 

I’ve learned tearful goodbyes mean that you’ve been loved well. And man, we’ve been loved well by our church family.  

I tried to take a picture with the Tamp la Bay skyline behind me, but all I got was an incriminating selfie-while-driving pic. Sorry, Mom. 

We decided to get down the road and stopped a little North of Gainesville, FL at a park called Travelers Campground. Beautiful place, cash only, lots of animals and a good dog park. 

Monday we eased ourselves up towards Atlanta, about 15 minutes away from the car drop off spot. Atlanta South RV Resort was packed. All hills with Trailers crammed in with lots of full timers. Very pleasant people, just not a whole lot of room. I almost forgot a picture of this place, so a dark one will have to do!

Tuesday morning we got up and around slowly. Joe went and re-cleaned my car for the shipping company. Apparently they are slightly neurotic about the condition of your car. We spent an hour and a half at the drop off place. Yup, an hour and a half. 

From there we drove a good chunk down to Mobile, AL. Joe found us a great campsite at this beautiful park. Chickasabogue. Say that five times fast. I wish we could’ve stayed here longer. Gorgeous pull through spots with tons of privacy which is not something you find many places with rv spots!

So, Westward and Texas Ho. Headed to my brother’s house in The Woodlands tonight, through Austin to hug some necks tomorrow before hitting the Hill Country for a week. 


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