One night this week I was up worrying about all the things on my to do list. I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Then Jesus stepped in and gave me this brilliant hash tag. (because, yes, a cool hashtag was on my list) #chevysetgo 

Because we are off on an adventure. Clearwater to Kodiak. (Through Atlanta and Kerrville, TX to see family, too) 5,000+ miles. Jesus, take the wheel. 

 I’m currently listening to Jackson (almost 3) sing along to his show on the iPad while I nurse the baby (almost 9 months) and pray that they both sleep in their designated bunks. 

Tonight is our first night on our trip, even though we are spending it in our own town, minutes away from our home that’s not our home anymore. It’s been a quiet little site and our Starcraft Launch 19BHS is really comfortable!

Today started with a busy morning : loaded the travel trailer and the truck up so Joe could go weigh it, errands, maintenance on the pool, new windshield wipers on my car, quick lunch, quick wipe down of everything we got messy in the last 24 hours since the cleaning lady left, and then some final pictures of us with our first home.  We spent 4 wonderful years there – brought both children home there and became a family.  

Then we headed over to our camp site and  relaxed while the kiddos slept in the truck!

I went out again to find a bed rail for the top bunk because Jackson is all over the place when he sleeps. Our current plan for the kiddos is they each get a bunk. Half of both bunks are being used as storage. (for who even knows what anymore) Baby gate on the bottom bunk for Taylor. She’s not pulling up on anything yet, and hopefully she doesn’t learn that trick anytime soon. (Knock on wood)

Please, feel free to pray everyone sleeps tonight. After 3 nights on an air mattress, the Chevaliers could use a win in the sleep department. 

I’m not exactly looking forward to saying goodbye to our church friends-turned-family tomorrow. It’ll be awful. It’s hard to get excited about a trip when you can’t take all your people with you!!

 My tribe, you know who you are, I love you. 


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